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iCommunity App Gives You Full Control Over Your Community Management Operations

Simplify Communications

Easily broadcast announcements for scheduled maintenance, events and emergencies to all residents directly to their smartphones. Publish Community Policies and Guidelines for all to see

Full Service Management Platform

Eliminate the complexity in day-to-day management. Residents can request and track services directly from their smartphone. Maintenance, electrical, plumbing, cleaning, gardening and any other services offered

Report Issues in Public Areas

Get the residents involved in Capturing, Reporting and Tracking issues in public areas, such as streets, parks and common areas.

Social Platform for Neighbors

Provide neighbors with a safe and secure environment to chat, share local news about neighborhood events, and create a vibrant resident community. Residents can easily post classifieds and provide recommendations to other residents

Essential Community Listings at Your Fingertips

Residents can browse through relevant and categorized community and local business listings that cater to their neighborhood. Restaurants, Shops, Service providers, Health Care and more

Private, Safe and Secure

Privacy is critical to creating
a safe, trusting environment. Only verified residents of each community have access and can only use their real names. Residents have full control over their privacy settings

Receive Important Updates from Your Community Management

Community Managers regularly make announcements about scheduled maintenance, events or emergencies to residents. With iCommunity, you receive these announcements directly via push notification to make sure you know what’s going on.

Make Service Requests

Submit and track the status of service requests and receive instant email and push notifications when a request is updated or resolved. Along with commenting, tracking and status monitoring, all your requests will be attended to in no time.

  • Know who is assigned to your request
  • Get real-time updates on status
  • Discuss your requests via comments

Connect and Engage with Neighbors

iCommunity is the best way to stay up-to-date about what’s going on in your community. You can discover who your neighbors are and send them private messages. Neighbors can engage in discussions and post recommendations and classifieds about the topics that they find helpful to each other.